Sky Broadband

Sky Broadband

Get on the Internet with Sky

When you join Sky Broadband you’ll get the brand new Sky Hub, Sky’s best ever wireless router, packed with clever features:

Sky Smart Signal

Scans for interference in the home and selects the best wireless channel.
Simple and secure connection with WiFi Protected Setup.
Innovative low energy mode.

Choose from Sky’s three broadband packages for great value and reliable service:

Sky Broadband Lite

Ideal for daily browsing and email.

  • 2GB monthly usage allowance, perfect for daily internet browsing, online shopping and emailing.
  • Free With Sky TV (from £21.50 a month)
  • Sky Talk Weekends (no extra cost)
  • Sky Line Rental (£14.50 a month)

Sky Broadband

Unlimited Totally unlimited with no monthly usage cap.
The peace of mind of totally unlimited broadband with no usage caps.

  • £7.50 a month
  • With Sky TV (from £21.50 a month)
  • Sky Line Rental (£14.50 a month)
  • or £10 a month without Sky TV

Sky Fibre

Unlimited Best suited to busy homes with lots of people using the internet at the same time, watching HD videos or downloading very large files. Ideal for homes with very heavy internet usage

  • £20 a month
  • With Sky Talk Weekends (no extra cost) and Sky Line Rental (£14.50 a month)

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